Reasons why Chanel is so expensive

Not only Chanel, many other high-end brands such as Rolex, Hermès, Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci also considerably increased their selling prices to maintain their expensive and luxurious image. In early March, Chanel raised the prices of purses and handbags by an average of 5%, following an earlier 17% increase in January. This is the […]

Gifts for Kaws fans other than figures

The Brooklyn Museum show, “KAWS: WHAT PARTY,” does a good job of taking KAWS seriously but not too seriously. They may waste more time making exaggerated claims about the depth of their work in an attempt to justify its importance in the eyes of skeptics like myself. They do not. It’s a fan show — […]

Gifts for Sneaker fan in your home

Hype Streetwear Sneaker Rug Home Decor 2

Confused about what gift to get for sneaker fan of your life this holiday season (besides a serious conversation and maybe a few free therapy vouchers)? Join the club. Indeed, what could you give the impossibility – or not so little – a person who shows up in every family gathering in a new pair […]

Why are you a Godzilla Movie fan?

Childhood Story I have always been a big fan of dinosaurs, of monsters, of cryptids. Why? That is tougher! I do recall getting a license plate for my tricycle (seriously) , in the early 1960s, that had Godzilla on it, long before I ever saw a Godzilla movie. A wonderfully strange blend of biblical awe […]